Extended support for Windows 7 operating system is also over

Extended support for Windows 7 operating system is also over

One of Microsoft’s legendary operating systems Windows 7 The end of the road has now come fully for case.

windows 7, For the history of Microsoft Windows XP such an important operating system. It received great criticism for the problems it caused. Windows VistaThe operating system, which was highly acclaimed after supported for 10 years, then the expected end was reached and the support was cut off. However, this did not kill W7 because the company continued to provide extended security updates for the operating system to enterprise customers for a fee. As of today this institutional support was also cut. Corporate customers will no longer be able to receive security updates for the Windows 7 operating systems they use. operating system still installed on millions of computers It is reported that there is, but no exact figure can be given in this regard. Now companies also need to switch to new versions.

Microsoft is currently Windows 11 beside Windows 12 It also works on the operating system. We even have a possible date for W12. As it turned out in the past months Microsoft, It will bring a new version every three years”into the Windows Development Cycle” is transitioning.


Mark it here Windows 12 operating system 2024 It is alleged that in. Stating that it will not make a big change in terms of design with W12, Microsoft has given a major update every two years during the Windows 10 period, and stated that it will be a major update for Windows 11 once a year.