Explosion at apartment building north of Stockholm

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The first alarms about a strong explosion north of Stockholm came at a quarter past eleven on Thursday evening. A while later, the police were then able to confirm that an explosion occurred at an apartment building in the Huvudsta district in Solna.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are still unclear. At half past twelve, the police were still working to search the area.

– Above all, it is important to find out that there are no injuries, says police spokesperson Daniel Wikdahl.

The bangs were heard over large parts of northern Stockholm and SOS Alarm received about 50 alarm calls. Even in social media, many questioned what had happened.

– People who have called in from the area have been very shaken, says Wikdahl.

Residents are evacuated

According to the police, the explosion occurred near a stairwell in the property. The explosion caused extensive damage to the house and several window panes were also broken in adjacent buildings.

After the explosion, the emergency services made a decision to evacuate residents in the relevant stairwell. The reason is stated to be a concern for structural damage to the property.

– We have had an explosion and then you evacuate for safety’s sake. I have no information that there would be a further explosion risk, says Niklas Nordvall, line operator at Greater Stockholm’s fire service.

According to Nordvall, the emergency services will set up a collection point for the evacuees. At 12:30 p.m. there was no forecast for when they might return.

The incident is classified as public-dangerous devastation. There are currently no suspects in the crime.

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