Experts see the possibility of Ukraine’s first defeat in information warfare in the missile debate

Experts see the possibility of Ukraines first defeat in information

Ukraine still maintains that the missile that hit Poland on Wednesday was Russian, although several sources have assessed it as a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile.

The missile that landed on the Polish side on Wednesday and killed two people has been assessed by several parties as an anti-aircraft missile launched by Ukraine. This is what the president of Poland has assessed, for example Andrzej Duda and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi has not admitted the missile is theirs. He still claims, based on information received from the Ukrainian military, that Poland was hit by a Russian missile.

‘s morning on Thursday was visited by the director of the research college of the University of Helsinki Tuomas Forsberg and working life professor at the University of Jyväskylä, former deputy chief of intelligence at the General Staff Martti J. Kari see that the first major defeat of Ukraine’s information war may be at hand.

– During the war, Ukraine has been able to manage information warfare very well. This seems like the first major defeat where they are not believed and trusted. That’s why they should also find a way out of this, i.e. a way to restore a certain credibility, says Forsberg.

According to Kari, the background of the missile that fell on the Polish side can be determined with individual precision, which missile is in question, in which factory it was manufactured and for whom it was used. With the help of the manufacturing number, it should be possible to prove whether it is a Ukrainian or Russian missile.

Kari thinks that more verified information on the matter will be available at the beginning of next week.

– If it is a Ukrainian missile, and Zelenskyi goes to say in public that it is not a Ukrainian missile, it is a big propaganda victory for Russia.

Forsberg considers it illogical that Ukraine seems to have difficulty admitting if it was an accident.

– The Western view is that the root cause is the war Russia is waging. Otherwise, Ukraine would not have fired these anti-aircraft missiles at all. It is easier to forgive the Ukrainians that their missile has gone astray in the context of war, Forsberg states.

Currently, the missile is believed to have been a Russian-made S-300 anti-aircraft missile, which is in use by both the Ukrainian and Russian armed forces.

The topic can be discussed until 11.18.2022 at 11 pm.