Expert creates the “ultimate” loot filter in Last Epoch, designed to fit every class

Loot filters in Last Epoch help you find the right ones for your build among the tons of items. To do this, the filters must be set correctly. The ARPG expert Raxxanterax has now developed a loot filter that should work for everyone. But you still have to do a little something yourself.

Who is the expert?

This is how you install the filter: The expert worked on a new loot filter with his community over several days and weeks. You can find the text to copy on pastebin.

The installation is then quite easy:

  • Opens the page and selects all text. Copy him. (Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C).
  • Open Last Epoch and your loot filter menu (Shift + F).
  • Create a new loot filter using the + button next to the drop-down menu at the top
  • Select the “Paste to Clipboard” option.
  • You then just have to choose a name, optionally a symbol and a color. The loot filter can then basically be used. However, you should make a few settings so that it does what it is supposed to.

    At this point we recommend setting the game in English, otherwise the search and use of some keywords may be incorrect.

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    Tips for the loot filter – This is what you still have to do

    What else do I have to set? In his video, Raxxanterax advises going through the loot filter from bottom to top and adjusting it. He has already entered a few comments on the individual rules in the filter. The short version is:

  • Disable rules if you have already found enough materials of the corresponding type (especially applies to general affixes, idols and glyphs of insight).
  • In the rules themselves, deactivate filter rules for classes that you don’t play or don’t want to play.
  • Selects damage types, affixes or classes for the strongest items listed at the top of the filter.
  • You can find accompanied instructions directly on YouTube, in which Raxxanterax guides you through the settings step by step.

    Some presets are already set, such as universal affixes that are always useful or the display of all unique items. You can adjust the finer details here, but this is only advisable if you know a lot about the game.

    You can usually find which affixes and item bases you need in the relevant guides – for example in our Spirit Lord build for necromancers. You will find the relevant information in most guides and builds. Filters in the search and changes the rules accordingly.

    You should also pay attention to this: Raxxanterax’s loot filter, while extremely useful, still requires you to think about your class and build. In our experience, blindly trusting the ads doesn’t work here or with most guides.

    You should always have a clear idea of ​​what your class should be able to do and play on that. Almost everything works anyway, as long as you play with a clear goal. We recommend this loot filter for experienced players. You can find a few tips for beginners here: Last Epoch sounds really complex if you come from Diablo 4 – but it’s easier than it looks