, BoD approves capital increase and launches examination of guidance

Expertai in 2021 revenues below guidance EBITDA better than estimates

(Finance) – The board of directors from expert. aia company listed on Euronext Growth Milan and active in the artificial intelligence market applied to language comprehension, has resolved to increase the share capital against payment and in divisible form, for a total amount, including share premium, of a maximum of 7,989,586.63 euros, through the issue of a maximum of 13,097,683 new ordinary shares with regular entitlement, with no indication of the nominal value expressed, and to be offered as an option to those entitled.

The capital increase is aimed at find new financial resources to be used within the scope of the company’s business and for the pursuit of the related growth and development strategy, providing the board with financial solutions and alternative resources in the context of bank refinancing medium to long term.

The BoD has also started examining some data of guidance for the period 2022-2024deciding to update again on 2 December for the approval of the final data.

The option offer includes a report of no. 1 new ordinary share for every no. 4 shares heldsubject to the waiver by the shareholder Stefano Spaggiari (CEO) of the number of option rights necessary to balance the transaction, at a price of 0.61 euro (of which 0.60 euro as share premium) per share, for a total value equal to a maximum of 7,989,586.63 euros.