Expected Windows 11 2022 update is out

Expected Windows 11 2022 update is out

Windows 11 Work continues on the operating system. expected today Windows 11 2022 update output.

Windows 11 operating system As of today, the new update prepared for the application has started to be sent to all users. The version, which has been tested for a while, is not huge, but brings innovations in key areas. If we look at the top highlights, the version is now users’ start menu. “fixed” Allows you to create a file. Also improved on start menu customizations, the version now offers a better experience on touchscreens.

With the new version, the information that came before “Controller Bar” also appears. This is a game-focused menu option for people who use controllers directly, and it offers easy quick access to games / applications by opening via the Xbox button on the controllers. The company also introduces a new HDR calibration app. In this way, the HDR gaming experience can be adjusted better and easier.

Microsoft has increased the game support for the Auto HDR option, Windows 11 2022 update It also got its hands on the file manager. In the new version, the file manager gains tab support, but It is reported that this will open to everyone in October.. This facility looks really useful and has been in demand for a long time. Of course, it is sad that the release will be a little late.

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22H2 Also, with the update, which was passed as an update, the much requested drag-and-drop support for the taskbar is offered, new touch controls are introduced and some fresh animations are introduced. In the new version, there is also a live subtitle system for those with hearing problems, so that every audio content played can be written in the selected language.


Modernizing the design of the Task Manager with the new dark mode Windows 11 2022 updatealso gets better with accessibility with voice PC control tool. In addition, the latest version, newly designed useful video editor with other improvements, increased security, and updates for the Photos app. With Clipchamp brings.