Execus licenses the Green Web Meter software

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(Finance) – The Board of Directors of Executea company listed on Euronext Growth Milan and operating in the social selling sector, has approved theacquisition of usage rightsin the form of a five-year non-exclusive user license of software called “Green Web Meter”together with the exclusive right to use the name of the software itself, by the company Zero Carbon Srl for a total consideration of 450 thousand euros, determined as follows: 250 thousand euros to be paid by 2023 and 50 thousand euros per year for subsequent 4 years of duration of the license agreement.

Green Web Meter software is one innovative technological platform that allows you to verify the ESG sustainability of the web thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence and to certify it thanks to the use of Blockchain Arbitrum technology, a layer 2 solution based on Ethereum and Proof of Stake, which allows the issuance of highly sustainable certification NFTs.

The operation is configured as related party transaction due to the position of Lorenzo Lomartire who appears to be president of the board of directors and minority shareholder of Execus (holds a stake equal to 5.14% of the company’s capital) and at the same time CEO and majority shareholder – with a stake equal to 53% of the capital – of the counterpart Zero Carbon Srl.