Excluded from Parliament, Rahul Gandhi responds violently against Narendra Modi

Excluded from Parliament Rahul Gandhi responds violently against Narendra Modi

In India, the political earthquake continues after the exclusion from Parliament of the opponent Rahul Gandhi. He is accused of making fun of Modi’s name 5 years ago. In a press conference this Saturday, March 25, the figure of the Congress party played the counter-attack and accused the ruling BJP of wanting to silence him with a fabricated trial. Reporting.

With our correspondent in Bangalore, Como Bastin

In the headquarters of the Congress party in Karnataka, the atmosphere is gloomy. All are still reeling from the exclusion of their leader Rahul Gandhi from Parliament, one year before the general elections. A mixture of uncertainty and rage expressed by Naveen Chandra Party Coordinator:

The Prime Minister is playing a despicable political vendetta. Modi is destroying democracy. But since yesterday, we have been protesting. Rahul Gandhi will come out clean from this trial. And even if they send him to prison, we will continue the fight against the Modi government on all fronts. »

Naveen is invigorated by the press conference given by Rahul Gandhi this Saturday. He tried to remobilize his troops by adopting a very offensive speech against the BJP party.

This whole spectacle is staged to protect Narendra Modi from the questions I was asking in parliament about the Gautam Adani financial scandal. I only tell the truth, it is my job and I will continue to do so even if I am disqualified or arrested for it”, launched Rahul Ghandi.

Excluded from his parliamentary duties, Rahul Gandhi has two months to appeal and avoid two years in prison. All this while the campaign in Karnataka, a key state in southern India, is in full swing, and with the approach of national elections.

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