Exciting sexual life is just one thing… When you learn its benefits, you will jump where you see it!

Exciting sexual life is just one thing When you learn

The incredible benefits of swimming in cold water surprised. Swimming in waters of 20C or lower can reduce ‘bad’ body fat. It also appears to protect against insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes. Scientists believe that cold water triggers the release of fat-burning hormones.


It may seem like the last thing you want to do as you enter the winter months… But swimming in cold water can help you lose weight and protect against diabetes, according to research. A major review found that it can cut ‘bad’ body fat in men and protect against insulin resistance, which can lead to blood sugar problems.


Weight loss, a better mood, and an increased libido are just a few of the benefits that advocates of cold water swimming suggest.


Lead study author Professor James Mercer, from the Arctic University of Norway, said it is now ‘clear’ that cold water immersion ‘could have some beneficial health effects’. But the team warned of potential pitfalls, including hypothermia and heart and lung problems, meaning it wouldn’t be without risk.