Exciting leaks for Season 21 reveal new content and underwater setting

It won’t be long before Season 21 starts in Destiny 2. Bungie’s official key art leak was already well received, because guardians can be seen underwater for the first time. But the picture for the “Season of the Deep” also offered some interesting insights that we don’t want to withhold from you.

We received this article on 05/11. at 20:00 with new information on the Season of the Deep and a short teaser trailer. It probably actually goes under water – maybe even for the Guardians.

For Season 21 you should not be afraid of water: Guardians are already excited for the “Season of the Deep” in Destiny 2. The first official image, leaked by Bungie itself, shows all Guardian classes wearing flowing, aquatic armor underwater. A setting that has never existed before.

Season 21 promises to have a lot of depth

Water in Destiny 2 almost always means certain death in many cases. Especially when it’s below ankle height and you’ve stuck your little toe in. Season 21, however, doesn’t seem to have a problem with water. At least if you can believe the official first picture.

However, with the leak for Season 21, Bungie not only showed the new setting. If you looked closely, you could discover even more details. Some of this has already sparked wild theories in the community, which we’re going to share with you today. And the trailer also literally ran “deep”:

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The first mini teaser trailer for “Season of the Deep”

Season 21 in Destiny 2 has depth and possessed heroes

With the first key art leak for the “season of depth”, Bungie has not only revealed a lot of depth. It also made it clear that another story conclusion appears to be imminent.

MeinMMO tells you what information the title picture has revealed.

It’s back to Titan

Solid ground? Not on Titan – everything just sways in the sea of ​​methane.

As before, Bungie seems to be planning to return to an old destination in Season 21. Of course, we don’t yet know exactly how this will turn out. But it could be similar to Forsaken Leviathan in Season 17.

Back then, the developer brought back a small part of Calus’ former ship, modified, which also hosted the Nightmare Containment seasonal activity for 3 months.

This could be similar with Titan. The difference, however, would be that there is no landmass on Titan. Dizzyingly high platforms have always been a highlight of this destination.

A first teaser image that Bungie published on May 11 shows a rich underwater world.

A rich underwater world opens up to the guardians on Titan in Season 21

However, it would also be conceivable that it goes exactly in the other direction, as the name “Season of the Deep” suggests. It is quite possible that the buildings on Titan have now sunk and the guardians should therefore dive.

The Neomuna lore in Lightfall also suggested a return to Titan. The lore states that there is an “Enemy of the Witness” on Titan. And since the Vanguard currently have few options against the Darkness, the Disused Traveler, or the all-powerful Witness, every enemy of the Witness is someone to be made a friend of.

Sloane is visibly changed

Deputy Commander Sloane treacherously steams for corruption in Season 21.

Destiny 2 veterans will surely recognize them immediately. Although she can only be seen from behind, the season cover image features Deputy Commander Sloane, listed as “missing in action”.

Sloane was once stationed in the Vanguard on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. But after the onslaught of darkness, no one had heard or seen anything from her. Until now.

  • If you look closely, Sloane doesn’t seem to be quite herself anymore.
  • Instead of rolled up sleeves, you can see that her arms appear possessed and even steam treacherously.
  • It’s quite possible that the Guardians will fight against the Taken race for the most part in the “Season of the Deep”. It is important to find out what role Sloane plays in this, whether she is to be rescued and whether she is still on the side of the guardians.

    But one thing is certain: there were probably only two beings in Destiny 2 who had the power to corrupt. The Taken King Oryx and presumably the Witness too.

    Now, if Sloane is possessed too, it means that not only other races but also Guardians can be corrupted. The only other solution: Sloane’s spirit died when she went down with Titan.

    Season 21 has a big eye in its sights

    It won’t be Godzilla. But who owns this huge eye in Season 21?

    The creatures in Destiny 2 have long been an exciting topic for the keepers. The sea monster from Titan was particularly popular, because you could watch him regularly diving in the “methane sea”, which makes waves 40 meters high.

    Also in the mission to Cayde’s will and his hiding places, the guardians were once allowed to encounter an imposing creature. At that time, however, it was never clarified exactly what that is and why it is there.

  • Players strongly suspect it is the so-called “Leviathan”. He’s a giant snake creature. Records of its existence date back to the Golden Age, when its presence was registered on underground scanning devices. It can be seen through the windows surrounding the CPU core of the New Pacific Arkology.
  • During the Season of Arrivals, the Drifter refers to “the long boy in the soup” when speaking to Eris Morn, likely referring to the sea serpent on Titan as well.
  • However, after Titan was swallowed up by darkness, “Destinessie”, the sea monster, was gone too. Season 21 gives hope that we will now learn more about Space-Nessi or at least which creature has cast its really huge eye on the guardians.

    Does Season 21 still have a screamer up its sleeve?

    Is the Savathûn’s Song strike returning with the Titan destination?

    Is Bungie Planning The Witch Queen’s Resurrection? Since Bungie has probably planned to return to Titan in Season 21, the Titan Strike “Savathûn’s Song” could also play a role again.

  • According to the Destiny 2 Official Guide, the Savathûn’s Song strike was originally called The Dark Heart during development, which may still be relevant to the story.
  • And, as various leakers pointed out, the Season 21 icon appears to be close to a huge, albeit subtle, screech.
  • Just to spice up the Vanguard playlist, some are wishing the Strike would come back with fresh voicelines and updates. Maybe even with the Witch Queen in a resurrected role to bring the Light and Darkness saga to a close with her.

    Many Guardians believe in a return: It has long been believed by some Guardians that Savathûn’s end was not final. For years, the witch queen had simply been too cunning with her plan. Because of this, it is believed that it is unlikely that she left any events in this game to chance.

    In fact, some players in the Destiny community believe that the Vanguard will get to the point where they will find that without Savathûn, they can never stand against the Witness.

    Now that her biggest “influencer,” the Screecher from Titan with her song, is likely to return in Season 21, this could be the perfect start to that realization. Also, one should not forget that Savathûn’s song makes anyone susceptible to her influences to act as she wants.

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    What else can players expect in Season 21?

    In addition to this story detail, technical changes also come into play. And for Season 21, some activities come into play earlier than usual.

  • In Week 1 of Season 21, the “Trials of Osiris” are available right away and the frontrunner Dawns also start earlier. This is because there will be no power increase in Season 21.
  • In addition, the newest of 2 Lightfall dungeons will also go live in Season 21. But its content will remain a secret until the end.

  • The still unnamed dungeon will open on Friday, May 26 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Destiny 2: All playable dungeons 2023 at a glance – this is how you master them

    Who can play the dungeon? Players who want to discover him must also have bought the exclusive deluxe edition of “Lightfall” including the additional season passes, because there are 2 new dungeons included. However, if you own the standard versions of “Lightfall”, you will have to buy the two DLC dungeons separately. This offer becomes available on launch day.

    What else awaits you:

  • Added a focus on exotic armor to the NPC trader Rahool.
  • Equipping and revoking individual artifact perks with a single click becomes possible.
  • 3 new strand aspects and two new armor mods will be available to players for new build ideas.
  • Aspects: Titan: “Hail of Arrows”, Hunter: “Plaited Subtlety”, Warlock: “The Wanderer”
  • mods: “Powerful Attraction” and “Elemental Charges”
  • There will be major overhauls to armor exotics like Starfire Protocol.
  • Season 21 will also reward Lightfall owners with a new, additional Legendary Hand Cannon for completing the quest, Bungie revealed.
  • Concept art of the new Season 21 Legendary Hand Cannon

    When does the new Season 21 start? Destiny 2 is still in the middle of the Guardian games, but the new season is not far away.

    There will be a new seasonal story as early as May 23rd and further details will also be revealed about the Lightfall DLC. The start is then, as always, with the weekly reset at 7:00 p.m.

    Season 21 now seems to actually address the last missing destination and NPCs. But even with this information, there are still many more details about the Season of the Deep that are not yet known.

    But the previous leaks, the teaser trailer and the first official picture make you want more and curious whether Bungie really allows the guardians to go underground.

    One question that arises here, however, is: will the new season 21 with its depth even live up to the high expectations of the fans? What do you think? Write it to us in the comments.

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