Excitement is at its peak in NASA’s historic mission! The countdown has begun: On September 24…

NASA’s spacecraft OSIRIS-REx, launched in 2016, reached the Bennu asteroid in October 2020 and collected samples from the surface of the asteroid.

After all the time it spent in the depths of space, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is preparing to bring the samples it took from Bennu to Earth.

The spacecraft will bring these samples to Earth with a special capsule and parachute on September 24.

The landing will take place at the US Department of Defense’s Utah Test and Training Range.

The samples collected by NASA’s spacecraft are expected to open the door to new findings regarding the formation of the Solar System.


According to a news published by AA in July 2022, the American Aviation and Space Agency (NASA) announced that it was wrong in its prediction about the surface of the asteroid named Bennu.

According to the news, Dante Lauretta, a researcher at the University of Arizona, stated that he expected the surface of the asteroid to be hard and said, “We were completely wrong in our prediction about the surface of the asteroid.” He used the expression.

Experts explained that the outside of the asteroid was composed of loosely attached, slightly interconnected particles, with a surface that felt like “stepping into a plastic ball pit.”

It was stated that the detection in question could be useful in organizing future asteroid missions and developing methods to protect the Earth from asteroid impacts.