Exceptional warrior becomes arena master – and that as a tank without a healer

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As a tank to the best arena rating? That is possible in World of Warcraft. Rextroy shows how it’s done and doesn’t even have to use exploits.

When you think of exciting arena duels in World of Warcraft, you usually think of nasty villains, spell-weaving warlocks and nimble healers fighting for victory. But even as a tank you can earn a high rating and make everyone else look pretty old. Once again, it’s Rextroy who shows how wonderfully you can combine the different mechanics of two classes to dominate everything in the arena.

What did Rextroy do this time? After Blizzard made the legendary frogs unassailable just because of Rextroy, Rextroy has to find new ways to impress in World of Warcraft. Since he’s a fairly experienced player, he’s quite successful at it – well, in the PvP arena. There he earned a rating of over 2,400 in 2vs2 mode. What’s special: He doesn’t have a healer on the team and even plays as a tank.

However, “no healer” doesn’t mean the team doesn’t have a heal up their sleeve. Because both Rextroy with his warrior and his death knight colleague have such massive self-healing and absorption shields that they simply overshadow many a healer.

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Which skills are particularly important? Basically, it is important that the warrior is able to protect his ally from massive damage. At the same time, the Unholy Death Knight is able to deal a lot of damage extremely quickly and protect itself heavily. Abilities like Anti-Magic Zone and Anti-Magic Shell coupled with a Legendary and PvP talents provide not only absorption but also healing.

However, the core here is the warrior PvP talent “Bodyguard”. 40% of all physical damage the ally takes is redirected to the warrior. The effect is almost always active, but breaks off as soon as both characters are more than 15 meters apart. The main advantage of this ability, however, is that it makes the warrior immune to most control effects. For example, if he’s headbutted or turned into a sheep, if the Death Knight is attacked, the 40% damage redirection will instantly get him out again.

As if that weren’t enough, Bodyguard also resets the cooldown of Shield Slam, one of the Protection Warrior’s most powerful damaging abilities, almost every second. This in turn means that even the warrior can dish out quite a bit of damage while avoiding an extreme amount of damage at the same time.

Does the team have any weaknesses at all? Yes, even if these are comparatively small. If the warrior can be stunned and quickly raked in with burst attacks, they may not be able to activate their defensive abilities in time. The second point of attack is the compulsive closeness that the warrior and death knight must have to each other. If the distance of 15 meters is exceeded, then the protection that the two share disappears and they can be packed individually in crowd control effects.

But even knowing these weaknesses, the combo is still extremely powerful and capable of crushing most other pairings. Of course, you also have to have a certain amount of skill – but Rextroy proves once again that you can achieve great success comparatively easily by cleverly combining the different advantages of some classes.