Excellent reactions about the Swedish super talent in the NHL – now praised by Lidas himself: “He has dominated”

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He was a smash hit in the SHL.
Now Elmer Söderblom storms towards a jersey in the NHL.
The super talent is now celebrated by Nicklas Lidström himself.
– He has dominated certain moments, says the icon.

The Swedish hockey public caught the eye of Elmer Söderblom already during the JVM two winters ago. With his solid physique, the forward was difficult to stop, and last season he really showed what enormous capacity he possesses, when he was one of the biggest exclamation marks in the SHL.

The tribute from Lidas

Söderblom grew into a key player for Frölunda, especially in the power play, as he accounted for 33 points in 52 games played. In the playoffs, he scored another six points in nine games, and there was really no question that he would be going over to North America. In June, he signed a contract with the Detroit Red Wings, but whether there will be any play in the NHL or AHL is unclear.

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220505 Elmer Söderblom of Sweden during the Beijer Hockey Games between Sweden and Czech Republic on May 5, 2022 in Stockholm. Photo: Simon Hastegård / BILDBYRÅN

In any case, it is clear that the forward, who is more than 200 centimeters tall and thus has physics on his side, has made great strides. He has previously been highly praised within the Red Wings organization – and now receives praise from Nicklas Lidström himself.

– Elmer has impressed. The first game he perhaps felt too small and didn’t really get into it, but the second and third games he was really good and dominated certain moments on the ice with his size and strength and ability to hold the puck, he tells Aftonbladet.

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Another Swede is praised

Nicklas Lidström is in place in Detroit now as part of the Red Wings’ club management. He is now vice-president, and it is fitting considering how many talented Swedes there are within the organization. Another one highly praised by Lidas is Simon Edvinsson, who also played for Frölunda last year, and signed for the Red Wings during the summer.

– Yes, he has also done well. It’s just as well, that he has to get into the game over here. There is less ice and you have less time and need to make decisions a little faster. You can see that he needs to take those steps, but he has incredible talent, we have seen that, says Lidström.

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190921 Nicklas Lidström in the stands during the ice hockey match in the SHL between Örebro and Frölunda on September 21, 2019 in Örebro. Photo: Johan Bernström / BILDBYRÅN / COP 119

But the Red Wings audience still has the most hopes and expectations for Elmer Söderblom. Red Wings farm team coach Ben Simon also pays tribute to the Swede.

– His skating has gotten so much better. He has grown into his body. He has become significantly stronger. Size is not something you can teach, says Simon.

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