Ex-Team accuses legendary player of showing star airs, of being “problematic” – fans scoff

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In League of Legends, there appears to be bad blood between legendary esports pro Martin “Rekkles” Larsson and his former team, the ambitious Karmine Corp. The team’s coach is making allegations against the 26-year-old LoL player, who is now back playing for Fnatic. The fans are amused.

This was the situation:

  • The Swede Rekkles (26) is one of the most famous LoL players in Europe. For 5 years he was the face of Fnatic, one of the most popular clubs on our continent.
  • After an ill-fated stint with rivals G2, Rekkles joined Karmine Corp, an ambitious team founded by YouTubers, in France’s Regiona-Liga in 2021. The fact that they could sign a player like Rekkles was considered a hammer at the time.
  • But that didn’t work at all: Karmine Corp and Rekkles underperformed in 2022 and Rekkles left the team again: In 2023 he will play for Fnatic again. There he replaces the German player Upset.
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    What are the allegations? The team’s coach, Striker, has hinted on Twitter that Rekkles has taken some liberties, necessitating crisis talks. From the coach’s point of view, there was no way to discipline Rekkles in any way (via twitter):

  • You couldn’t bench Rekkles because it would damage his market value
  • So there wasn’t a good way to deal with him
  • It also sounds like

  • as if Rekkles had rejected “a double block of scrimmages”.
  • “disrespects” someone who pays their salary
  • refused to attend a team event because the taxi wasn’t there when he got to the airport
  • The German counterpart to Karmine Corp

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    Players find the allegations against Rekkles hilarious, blame the coach

    How is that seen? On reddit, most seem to be clearly on the Swede’s side: It’s said that Rekkles is known for being such an introvert that he never takes part in any cramped team events. That’s the way it is.

    The fact that Rekkles skips a meeting because there is no taxi waiting for him is considered “incredibly funny.”

    Others say: They would also have problems if they had to play with this coach’s lousy drafts or if they had such extremely bad teammates.

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    Another reddit user satirically stating that he was the janitor at Karmine Corp and had to report that Rekkles had refused to take part in the mandatory team pee. He went alone, the philanderer.

    What does Rekkles say? There is no statement from the Swede who prefers to show his new body paint on Twitter.

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    Rekkles is considered an icon in Europe – fans don’t let anything come to him

    This is behind it: Even if the coach was asked about it and had good reasons to explain why things didn’t work out with Rekkles, it seems like a follow-up and as if the coach is looking for someone to blame when things are already settled and ticked off. That doesn’t go down well with the fans.

    Rekkles is one of the icons in LoL esports because of his calm, stoic nature and clever analysis. The fans don’t let anything come of it. A coach could come right away and put Faker on the bench:

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