Ex Ilva, trade unions: demonstration at Palazzo Chigi if we are not summoned

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(Finance) – Film, Fiom And Uilm in the absence of a response from Palazzo Chigi to the meeting request sent on 5 February, they will be in front of the government headquarters to request “an urgent and necessary discussion to guarantee the production and employment continuity of Acciaierie d’Italia”. This is what was announced in a joint note by the general secretaries of the three categories (Roberto Benaglia, Michele De Palma and Rocco Palombella). “Time is now up, the deterioration of the factories is unsustainable – they underlined – for days there seems to have been a secret negotiation underway between the members of Acciaierie d’Italia in search of a shared solution for the change of management, in the absence of discussion with the trade unions”.

“It is unacceptable that after two decrees wanted by the Government to oust Mittal, through the activation ofextraordinary administrationthe situation and future of the former Ilva remain in total uncertainty”, they added. The unions have once again denounced “the serious and worrying situation in which the sites productive of the former Ilva, with dramatic consequences on the related industries and the 20 thousand workers. In the absence of an urgent intervention we would have to completely shut down the plants. We do not give up and ask the Government for immediate and decisive action: we will not accept pre-conceived decisions about the future. The only reference for us remains the agreement of 6 September 2018″.