Ex-Bond gives his blessing to the alleged new 007 star – and reveals what major challenges still lie ahead

Ex Bond gives his blessing to the alleged new 007 star

Who will play the next James Bond? The last few weeks have been full of 007 rumors. Although even the newly crowned Oscar winner Cillian Murphy has been making the rounds, there is one name that has been showing up consistently for months and currently the favorite of Hollywood bookmakers: Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Just a few days ago, the British tabloid The Sun reported that Taylor-Johnson as the lead actor in the next James Bond film set is. Shortly afterwards there was a denial from MI6 insider circles. But the rumor is now far too hot for the public to simply move on unaffected.

Whether he will or not: George Lazenby thinks Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a very good James Bond

Word of Taylor-Johnson’s possible 007 casting has also reached George Lazenby. The ex-Bond actor, who appeared in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, reveals to TMZ that he nothing wrong with Taylor-Johnson’s casting. In his opinion, he brings everything the role requires.


Aaron Taylor Johnson in Bullet Train

Lazenby said Taylor-Johnson could do the stunts and score on the charming side. Nevertheless, he has doubts the role has already been assigned. The reason: Lazenby had to do numerous tests before his Bond casting, which ATJ apparently hasn’t gone through yet. He doesn’t explain the circumstances in more detail.

Nonetheless, Lazenby gives the potential Bond heir two pieces of advice. He should stay true to himself and reinvent the role as much as possible that she suits him. Lazenby speaks from experience: After taking over the baton from Sean Connery, he gave James Bond his own character.

When does James Bond 26 start in cinemas?

We are probably from a theatrical release still years away. So far there is no timetable for when Bond 26 will hit the big screen. As soon as the casting of the next actor is official, everything should happen very quickly.