Everything points to the fact that elections will be held in Denmark soon – the People’s Party, which has long pushed for the restriction of immigration, is in danger of falling

Everything points to the fact that elections will be held

According to the Danish constitution, parliamentary elections must be held at least every four years, but the decision on the election date is made by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

Danes are now seeing more and more signs of the soon-to-be held parliamentary or parliamentary elections.

Political commentators consider it clear that the prime minister leading the minority government of the Social Democrats Mette Frederiksen announce the organization of elections in the near future (you will switch to another service).

In Denmark, the prime minister has the right to decide the election day. The constitution only requires that elections be held at least every four years. The deadline for the elections is approaching in June, but Frederiksen is not waiting that long. The elections will probably take place during the fall (you will switch to another service).

The law gives the prime minister’s party the opportunity to choose a favorable time, and takes a head start on competitors, when preparations can start before others.

Pressure on the election declaration has also been created by the government’s support party, the social liberal Radikale Venstre. It requires that Frederiksen must declare an election by October 4th (you will switch to another service) or the party withdraws its support from the government. The loss of the support of 14 representatives would be fatal.

The other parties are closely monitoring and analyzing what the Democrats are doing and looking for signs of the upcoming elections. There have been a lot of them lately. In the opinion of evaluators, for example, some of the ministers’ press conferences have resembled election conferences.

The new party was very popular

The measurements do not look particularly favorable for the Red Bloc led by the Social Democrats. Based on opinion polls (you will switch to another service) the support of the democrats would decrease and the block managed by it would disappear (you move to another service) for the blue bloc of center-right parties.

The former immigration minister would be successful by Inger Støjberg the Danskademokratit party founded in June. The party that defends welfare services and the police and pushes a tight line on immigration would get almost 12 percent support.

Støjberg, who previously represented the liberal Venstre party, founded the new party after receiving a prison sentence as a minister due to the policy of separating some of the couples who applied for asylum.

The elections are going badly for the Danish People’s Party. It has sunk into internal strife and Six of the 16 representatives remain (you will switch to another service). In addition, others have adopted the People’s Party’s strict immigration line, and for those who wish for more drastic measures, there are alternatives that promise even harsher measures.

The popularity of the old power party fluctuates at the limit of the two percent vote threshold, so it threatens to fall in the elections.

The Danish Parliament

  • The People’s Assembly (Folketinget) has 179 representatives.
  • 175 are selected from Denmark.
  • Two representatives are elected from both the Faroe Islands and Greenland.
  • The election period lasts a maximum of four years.
  • The Prime Minister decides the election day.
  • The National Assembly now has representatives from 17 different parties.
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