Everything points to mega spoilers for season 2

Everything points to mega spoilers for season 2

Fans will have to wait a little longer until the second season of the acclaimed video game adaptation The Last of Us. Filming for the new episodes has been underway since February 12, 2024. Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal will probably not travel through the post-apocalypse again as Joel and Ellie until 2025.

Lead actor Pedro Pascal in particular is one of the most sought-after and busy stars in Hollywood at the moment. We took a closer look at his busy schedule. And he could dramatically impacting the scope of Joel’s role in The Last of Us Season 2 have.

Shortly after The Last of Us production started: Pedro Pascal is already filming his next film

Two reports made us sit up and take notice this week. Let’s start with the good news for The Last of Us Season 2: Series co-creator Craig Mazin gave a little update on the ongoing production in his podcast Scriptnotes. That’s how they should Filming for the first new episode is almost complete be. Mazin directs this one.


How big is Pedro Pascal’s role in The Last of Us Season 2?

It was also announced this week that Pedro Pascal has been cast in the western Eddington. This is the highly anticipated next film work from horror master Ari Aster. Pascal will star alongside stars such as Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone and Austin Butler.

But what about that should worry us? Filming on Eddington is scheduled to begin this week. It is therefore reasonable to assume that Pedro Pascal will be in front of the camera for the next project immediately after filming for the start of The Last of Us Season 2 has been completed.

What does this mean for Pedro Pascal’s role in The Last of Us?

Will Joel only appear in a single episode? Pedro Pascal’s schedule for this year suggests that The Last of Us fans need to prepare for the worst. Of course, there is still the possibility that he will appear again in a later episode of the upcoming season and only sit out a few episodes.

Filming for Ari Aster’s new film is scheduled to continue until May 2024. After that, there would still be time for Pedro Pascal to return to the production of The Last of Us. This is expected to last until August 2024.

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Pedro Pascal is fully booked again for the rest of the year. Work on the superhero film Fantastic Four is scheduled to begin in summer 2024 and is expected to take the rest of the year. In it, Pascal will celebrate his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic.

The scheduling overlap between The Last of Us and Eddington as well as Pedro Pascal’s involvement in both projects is striking. However, given the game template for the next season of the HBO series, a longer absence from Joel makes sense. Has this already revealed a huge spoiler?

Warning, MASSIVE SPOILERS for The Last of Us template follow from now on.

Joel in The Last of Us Season 2: Was a mega spoiler revealed?

The second season of HBO’s End Times series will adapt the plot of the video game The Last of Us Part II, which not only introduces numerous new characters but also caused great controversy with a shocker after its release in summer 2020.

In the first act of the game, Joel is brutally killed. Even before the actual main plot begins, The Last of Us pulls the rug out from under the players’ feet and gets rid of the actual main character. Joel’s death becomes like this for the Catalyst of a cruel revenge storywhich will push Ellie to her limits.

If season 2 follows the course of the game template, then fans should be prepared that Pedro Pascal could actually only be seen in the very first episode. The second season will consist of a total of seven episodes, which will only adapt part of the video game template. The story of The Last of Us Part II will be divided into two seasons.