Everything about Erik Slottner: Party, partner and education

Everything about Erik Slottner Party partner and education

Erik Slottner age – how old is he?

Eric Slottner was born on April 16, 1980, which means he will be 44 years old in 2024.

Erik Slottner height – how tall is he?

It is not known how tall Slottner is.

Erik Slottner’s education – does he have a degree?

Erik Slottner studied the master’s program in politics at Linköping University between 2001-2003, according to the government’s website.

According to SVT’s Mission Review it emerged in early 2024 that Slottner’s CV on the government’s website did not match. It turned out that he had only read 90 of the 240 credits that the master’s program includes.

– I have not written it. The pol mag study has begun, he said then.

In the same programme, the university lecturer spoke Magnus Zetterholm about the incorrect information.

– I get quite upset. One is led to believe that their academic credentials are more significant than they actually are.

Nowadays it says “started studies at the pol.mag program, Linköping University 2001-2003”.

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Erik Slottner’s partner – does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Slottner lives separately with her boyfriend Robert.

At the end of 2022, he told in an interview with QX about how the job and the relationship are handled.

– I absolutely think that you should work a lot and hard, but not all the time. For me, it is important that I have a private life as well. Then I want to devote myself to my training, study Spanish and spend time with my boyfriend Robert, he said then.

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Erik Slottner together with his boyfriend Robert at the QX gala in Stockholm 2024. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TTÄ Is Erik Slottner married?

Erik Slottner is not married.

Erik Slottner’s family – does he have children?

Slottner has no children.

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Does Erik Slottner sit in the Riksdag?

Erik Slottner is currently a minister at the Ministry of Finance in Sweden’s Riksdag.

Is Erik Slottner civil minister?

Slottner became Sweden’s civil minister in 2022 in the government Kristersson.

Which party does Erik Slottner belong to?

Erik Slottner is a member and active in the Christian Democrats (KD).

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Erik Slottner with KD’s party leader Ebba Busch and Nike Örbrink, chairman of KDU. Photo: Ali Lorestani/TTDoes Erik Slottner have Instagram?

On Instagram, Slottner can be found under the name @erikslottner_kd.