Everyone makes fun of him, but he’s extremely entertaining

Everyone makes fun of him but hes extremely entertaining

Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond era couldn’t have started more promisingly. Released in 1995, GoldenEye established his 007 as a charming but tough secret agent. Brosnan’s Bond brings one outrageous coolness but takes action just as decisively when the situation calls for it.

Although his Bond never changed much, the films around him have undergone a remarkable transformation. Each new mission became a lead wacky and unbelievable. The end of this development marks the spurned by many fans Die Another Day.

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  • Die Another Day sets off a gigantic James Bond fireworks display with Pierce Brosnan

    Brosnan’s Bond never lacked for big action scenes. Already in GoldenEye he roars through the streets of St. Petersberg in a tank. Compared to the over-the-top spectacle of Die Another Day, even that an invisible car and a laser satellite encompasses, however, this sequence feels grounded.

    You can watch the trailer for Die Another Day here:

    Die Another Day – Trailer (German) HD

    While one appeal of the James Bond series is its larger-than-life moments, Die Another Day has a reputation for overstepping the mark. A bond that is completely forgets in its digital possibilities and in the end it’s just ridiculous: The reaction to that was Daniel Craig down-to-earth Bond.

    Brosnan’s latest adventure on Her Majesty’s Secret Service didn’t deserve the ridicule Die Another Day often received. Even if some of the creative choices and especially the CGI effects don’t stand the test of time, the uncompromising exuberance of the film admirable.

    As the 20th film in the series, Die Another Day sets off a gigantic fireworks display that unfolds like a tongue-in-cheek best-of of all previous Bonds feels like. At the same time, the film contains unexpectedly dark scenes (especially the opening in North Korea) that simply leave you speechless.

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