“Everyone knows how it would have turned out”

Everyone knows how it would have turned out

The Finnish cross-country skiers didn’t smile any worse after the mixed relay race. Eveliina Piippo told what makes the sun shine.

The World Cup weekend in Falun ended with a 4 x 5 kilometer medley relay. Finland was the seventh winner of the competition by 47 seconds after losing to Sweden.

They skied in Finland’s first team Cross mat Hakola, Anne Kyllönen, Perttu Hyvärinen mixed Eveliina Piippo. Finland fell out of the top spot already in the opening leg taken by Hakola.

Anne Kyllönen, who took the second part, stayed at the top even more. In the joint team interview, Hakola took the biggest responsibility for Finland’s performance.

– If I had been ten seconds faster, it would have been a different race. 75 percent I take my name from this. You can share 25 percent of it, Hakola threw to the others.

Finnish skiers did not shirk responsibility. Next, it was Kyllönen’s turn for self-criticism.

– Yes, I will at least take 15 seconds.

Perttu Hyvärinen also took responsibility for Finland’s seventh place. Anchor Eveliina Piippo got a clean slate.

– There was nothing special one way or the other. That five kilometers is a toxic journey, Hyvärinen stated.

– Eve skied great skiing. He had a decent attempt at climbing.

“Can smile better than us”

However, the pipe beeped back. Ending is not the 24-year-old athlete’s strength.

– It was quite good to do, except for the last hundreds of meters. When these percentages have been divided here, everyone knows how it would have turned out if I had come to the final straight with the bow.

The skiers of Finland’s first team did not smile worse after the race. There are still four races left in the World Cup season.

What would make the sun shine?

– The kind of home crowd that can smile a little better than us, Piippo acknowledged.

Next weekend, Finland will be in front of the home crowd, when the world cups of the Nordic skiing sports culminate in Lahti’s Salpauselä.

The mixed relay was skied for the first time exactly one year ago.

Now the Swedish winning team was skiing Calle Halfvarsson, Moa Ilar, Edvin Anger mixed Jonna Sundling. The second was Norway’s first team before Germany. Finland’s second team was 15th.

Medley relay, Falun, 4 x 5 km (d/v) – results

1. Sweden 45.11.5 (Calle Halfvarsson, Moa Ilar, Edvin Anger, Jonna Sundling)

2. Norway +4.6 (Martin Löwström Nyenget, Heidi Weng, Simen Hegstad Krüger, Anne Kjersti Kalvå)

3. Germany +6.4 (Albert Kuchler, Katharina Hennig, Anian Sossau, Victoria Carl)

4. Norway 2 +6.5

5. Italy +15.7

6. Germany 2 +46.0

7. Finland +49.3 (Ristomatti Hakola, Anne Kyllönen, Perttu Hyvärinen, Eveliina Piippo)

8. USA +1.00.9

9. Italy 2 +1.01,5

10. Sweden 2 +1.08,9


15. Finland 2 +2.42,4 (Markus Vuorela, Anni Alakoski, Niko Anttola, Eevi-Inkeri Tossavainen)