“Everyone has experienced Inès’ mood swings”: Natasha St-Pier reacts and explains herself on the DALS affair

Everyone has experienced Ines mood swings Natasha St Pier reacts and

In a long interview given to Le Parisien on Monday March 25, the Canadian singer breaks the silence and delivers her version of the clash with Inès Reg.

Natasha St-Pier comes out of the silence. At the end of January, in the middle of rehearsals for Dance with the stars from TF1, an altercation between the 31-year-old comedian Inès Reg and the Canadian singer had broken out. Two months later, Inès Reg returned to the affair on Sunday on Instagram. The opportunity to affirm having “only been a victim” in this story and above all, to deny any death threat against Natasha St-Pier, who recently filed a handrail.

Nearby ParisianNatasha St-Pier recognizes it: “Part of what she says [dans ses stories Instagram ndlr.] is true.” But for the singer, Inès Reg however “omits” the whole part of the story where she slipped up. And who justifies [s]a handrail”. If the interpreter of You will find speaks today, it is also to defend himself. “[Inès Reg] implies that I am racist and I cannot let that go,” she justifies herself, denouncing “an extremely serious accusation, which leads to incitement to violence”. In reaction to Natasha St’s hand-wringing -Pier, the comedian questioned the singer on Instagram on Sunday evening: “The only reason you were afraid was because [les membres qui composent mon équipe] are blacks and Arabs?

Words that particularly move Natasha St-Pier. The latter claims to now be afraid not only of the comedian and those around him, but also “of those who, believing his stories, would like to [lui] do harm”. For her, this accusation of racism is “the hardest to bear”. “It’s so embarrassing to justify something that is the opposite of who I am”, she confides to Parisian. In the columns of the daily, however, she admits that “at no time” did Inès Reg threaten her with death. On the other hand, “Anthony Colette [son danseur dans l’émission ndlr.] was very firmly threatened. And she asked someone close to her to send us a message to go ‘fuck our dead'”, reports Natasha St-Pier, who admits: “For me, I was in danger.”

Asked about the support of the other candidates, Natasha St-Pier assures us: “Everyone has experienced Inès’ mood swings.” And to point out: “If they didn’t applaud her [lors d’une émission]it’s to show that they did not agree with the way I was treated.” What about the rest of the DALS adventure? “I hope that by speaking out, it will calm things down”, confides the Canadian singer, who wishes to continue the adventure.