Even if a message has been deleted, all is not lost: here’s how to read deleted chats and messages on the Meta app, step by step.

Even if a message has been deleted all is not

Even if a message has been deleted, all is not lost: here’s how to read deleted chats and messages on the Meta app, step by step.

Since 2017, the most used messaging application in the world has introduced the functionality to delete received or sent messages. To delete a message, simply hold down the message bubble, which activates a menu allowing you to delete the text, for yourself or even for the recipient. However, sometimes messages are deleted by mistake, or we search for something in the multitude of chats on our WhatsApp without realizing that we may have deleted it by mistake. The good news is that there are several methods to read deleted conversations.

The first method works to be able to read messages deleted by the person who sent them to you. Indeed, with Android, from version 11, it is possible to recover deleted messages in very few steps. To do this, you need to go to the device’s “Settings”, scroll down and select “Notifications”, choose “Notification History”, then tap the option to turn on the switch and enable the option. Once the notification history is activated, from that moment it will be possible to see alerts for WhatsApp messages even if they have been deleted. So if your correspondent sends you a message and deletes it immediately afterwards, you can still read it by going to your notifications.

The second method is more interesting if you are the one who deleted messages by mistake. It consists of regularly backing up the data and, when you need it, restoring your chats from a previous backup. Enable backup in your settings. Then when you want to recover your chats deleted by mistake, you will have to completely uninstall the application from the device and log in again with the registration process, then go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat backup and search for a previous backup containing deleted messages. However, this method can be laborious as it requires uninstalling the app and re-authenticating to run the backup.

To read deleted WhatsApp messages on Android, it is also possible to use third-party apps, but it is always important to proceed with caution when using these tools as they carry risks such as data theft , malware and unauthorized access to the device. Additionally, not all recovery tools are effective and some might even cause permanent data loss. One of the safe applications is called Get Deleted Messages, available on Play Store in free or paid version (3.99 euros). Once registered and permissions granted to the application, it shows a simple list of deleted WhatsApp messages.