Even a player with 5,000 hours gives up

For 6 months, Amazon had promised fans of its MMORPG New World that it would turn everything around with a big announcement in June. The announcement came now and it turned everything around, but at least on Steam things are going in the completely wrong direction. The reviews on the PC platform are disastrous, the mood is at rock bottom. Even a player with over 5,000 hours in the MMORPG has announced his departure.

What is the mood like in New World right now? DiThe mood among the existing fans is catastrophic:

  • On Steam, the reviews have now fallen to “balanced” – only 69% are positive
  • In recent reviews, the rating is even “extremely negative” – only 11% are positive
  • Many negative threads have appeared on reddit, and MMORPG streamer Asmongold is also hitting hard
  • Trailer for New World Aeternum announces console version

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    New World announces an “amazing news” for 6 months – but it falls through

    What was announced? Amazon’s announcement is basically:

  • New World is relaunching as an action RPG
  • New World will be released as “New World: Aeternum” on the PS5 and Xbox consoles
  • Why are PC gamers so annoyed? The problem is that for many months, Amazon has hinted that a big announcement was coming, but hasn’t revealed exactly what it would be.

    Even 4 weeks ago they received a lot of criticism for only hinting that great news was coming without giving any details.

    Therefore, New World fans, all of whom play on PC, had been imagining how their own gaming would be improved.

    However, the current update is now primarily about attracting new groups of players rather than improving the experience of existing players.

    Although Amazon promises improvements to the current game, especially in the combat system, players would have preferred an update that focuses exclusively on their version of the game rather than on appealing to console players.

    Many fans had hoped for a better endgame – not a console port

    This is what the reviews say: A player with 964 hours says: He had long hoped that New World would turn things around and, above all, add escape content. The first few hundred hours were incredibly cool, then it fell off. The “June announcement” was now so disappointing that he could no longer recommend the game.

    One player with 2,000 hours says he mostly wanted technical improvements so he could play New World with reasonably good graphics at 30 FPS, but the devs would only talk about how great their game looks and not take action.

    A player with 5,064 hours gives a negative review: He has been playing the game since launch, but the developers took it in a direction that he no longer wanted to play. He ends with: “Thanks for the entertainment, but bye.”

    They neglect old customers for new ones

    This is the mood on reddit: It is a big mystery to gamers why Amazon made such a big secret out of the announcement and thus raised expectations even higher. Comments say:

  • “None of us care about a console release. If they had announced it in January, we would have just said, ‘Cool story, bro.’ But they told us they can’t talk about it yet and we’ll get ‘amazing news in June.'”
  • Other PC gamers say they feel left behind and neglected for the “new attractive console market.”
  • Another sums it up: “You neglect old customers for new ones.”
  • If Amazon was hoping for a reaction to the announcement, like The Elder Scrolls Online, then that has probably failed for now. The rule is: the longer you make people wait for a big announcement, the more extreme the reaction will be: Amazon presses the reset button: New World becomes an action RPG – also for PS5 and Xbox