Eurozone, economic confidence increases slightly in March

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(Finance) – Increase the confidence in the Euroland economy in the month of March 2024. The index measuring overall sentiment rose to 96.3 points, compared to 95.5 points in the previous month and the 96.3 points expected by analysts. Confidence in the European Union as a whole, according to data released by the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission, increased to 96.2 points from 95.5.
As regards the components of the index for the Eurozone, the confidence of consumers it goes to -14.9 points from -15.5, improves the confidence of the services (at 6.3 from 6 points) and that ofindustry (-8.8 from -9.4 points). Sentiment is declining buildings (-5.6 from -5.5 points).

The index on job prospects (Employment expectations indicator, EEI) recorded a slight increase to 102.6 points in the Eurozone (+0.1 pp) and to 102.3 points in the EU (+0.1 pp).

The European Commission’s DG Economy today also published the data relating to business climate of the Euro Zone, which shows signs of improvement, settling in March at -0.30 points from -0.41 in February.