Europeans: Macron wants Bayrou and Philippe to join the list of the presidential camp

Europeans Macron wants Bayrou and Philippe to join the list

Emmanuel Macron wants to include the names of François Bayrou and Édouard Philippe on the majority list to stand up against the far right, leading in the polls for the European election on June 9.

Stand up to the far right. During a dinner on February 29, Emmanuel Macron made it known that he wanted the leaders of the majority parties to join the list of the presidential camp, reveals The Parisian. The objective would be to show that the entire majority is mobilized behind Valérie Hayer, head of the “Need for Europe” list, the party of the majority coalition (Renaissance, MoDem, Horizons). Until now, the Renaissance list is still far behind that of the National Rally, led by Jordan Bardella, in the voting intention polls during the European elections on June 9.

Ready to do anything to help

The heads of MoDem and Horizons would not be closed to this idea. Asked by BFMTV, François Bayrou said he was ready to put his name on the list. “Whatever I can do to help, I will,” he said. Édouard Philippe “is in line with the words” of the mayor of Pau, his entourage told the continuous news channel.

If the two party leaders officially agree to appear on the list behind Valérie Hayer, they would then be in an ineligible position. If Need for Europe wins, they will not be required to sit in the European Parliament, explains BFMTV.

The presidential camp is thus trying by all means to mobilize its electorate. This weekend he is launching a communications operation with the aim of stimulating participation in the often shunned ballot and trying to catch up with the far-right party.