European markets in red, London closed for Queen’s funeral

European markets in red London closed for Queens funeral

(Finance) – Sitting no for the Milan Stock Exchange, which falls together with the other European markets, on a day characterized by a generally negative climate. The session lacks great ideas, with investors waiting for the Federal Reserve meeting on Wednesday, which will be followed on Thursday by meetings of the central banks of Japan, the United Kingdom and Switzerland

Several titles are affected by the detachment of dividends. In addition, the revision of September 2022 of main indices of Borsa Italiana, with Exor leaving the FTSE MIB (at its request after the listing in Amsterdam) and Buzzi Unicem falling into the most significant index of the Piazza Affari.

Sitting in fractional reduction for theEuro / US dollar, which for now leaves 0.42% on the parterre. Caution prevails ongold, which continues the session with a slight decrease of 0.75%. Loses ground on Petroleum (Light Sweet Crude Oil), which trades at $ 84.39 per barrel, down 0.85%.

Advance just a little spreadwhich goes to +230 basis points, showing an increase of 3 basis points, with the yield of 10-year BTPs equal to 4.08%.

Among the European lists moves below par Frankfurtshowing a decrease of 0.63%, and focus sales on Pariswhich suffers a decline of 1.22%. London closed for the Queen’s funeral.

Negative session for Business Squarewith the FTSE MIB which is leaving 1.04% on the parterre, continuing the series of three consecutive declines, which began last Thursday; along the same lines, widespread sales on the FTSE Italia All-Share, which continues the day at 23,774 points. Down the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (-0.92%); as well, just below par the FTSE Italia Star (-0.38%).

At the top of the most important actions in Milanmarks a good increase Telecom Italiawhich shows a + 1.31% compared to the previous one.

The worst performances, on the other hand, are recorded on Saipemwhich gets -5.44%.

Sales hands on Tenariswhich suffers a decrease of 2.73%.

Sales on ENIwhich recorded a decline of 2.60%.

Negative sitting for Prysmianwhich shows a loss of 1.98%.

At the top among Italian stocks a mid cap, Cementir Holding (+ 2.36%), Ferragamo (+ 2.10%), Danieli (+ 1.20%) e CIR (+ 0.91%).

The strongest falls, on the other hand, occur on Alerion Clean Powerwhich continues the session with -4.27%.

Bad performance for Datalogicwhich recorded a decline of 3.93%.

Black session for Wiitwhich leaves a 3.66% loss on the table.

At a loss Saraswhich falls by 3.21%.

Between the data relevant macroeconomics:

Monday 19/09/2022
4:00 pm USA: NAHB Index (expected 47 points; preceding 49 points)

Tuesday 20/09/2022
half past one Japan: Consumption prices, annual (previous 2.6%)
08:00 Germany: Production prices, monthly (expected 1.5%; previous 5.3%)
08:00 Germany: Production prices, annual (expected 37.5%; previous 37.2%)
14:30 USA: Opening of construction sites (1.45 million units expected; previous 1.45 million units).