European farmers maintain pressure on their governments

European farmers maintain pressure on their governments

In Europe, the anger of farmers continues. The profession promises to maintain the pressure and the government is trying to appease this anger in France. The Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, visited the Marne this Thursday, February 15 in the morning. In Spain, blockades continue while in Italy a large demonstration is planned in Rome.

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The Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, visited a farm in the Marne, in the north-east of France this morning. It’s a move that can be described as a cuddle therapy operation.

This is a reminder of farmers, who threatened to block the roads again a few days before the Agricultural Show, reports our special correspondent, Charlotte Urien-Tomaka. This trip to the Marne, Thursday morning, is made to defuse anger and provide new responses to the concerns and difficulties of the agricultural world.

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The Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, was welcomed by a couple of thirty-something owners of this cattle farm. A couple who burst into tears as soon as the Prime Minister arrived and explained to him that the situation had become too difficult and that they had not been able to afford each other for several months.

Gabriel Attal came to defuse these new threats and provide after-sales service for the announcements made to the agricultural world a few days ago. Among the measures, there is the exemption from fallow obligations for 2024, the 150 million euros in aid for livestock and measures to simplify standards with immediate effect. A way of preparing the ground for the Agricultural Show, a very political moment of the year par excellence.

We cannot resolve to leave the field to the National Rally », summarized a close friend of the Prime Minister, “ and even more, a few months before the European electionsnes.”

Blockages in Madrid

Blockages also continue in the capital in Spain. In the heart of Madrid, around fifteen tractors were parked this Thursday, February 15 in front of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture awaiting a meeting with Minister Luis Planas.

The machines stopped, shovels in the air, at the end of the morning on the threshold of the ministry, a building located opposite the Atocha station, and the farmers displayed banners proclaiming “ Farmers on a war footing ” Or ” Planas, the ruin of the countryside, you proposed it, you won it “. In the rain, some 250 representatives of the sector accompanied by unions obstructed traffic on this major artery of the capital. Most of the participants arrived by bus.

In Italy, a large demonstration is planned near Rome.

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