European and very useful electric cargo bike: “Ouca”

European and very useful electric cargo bike Ouca

electric cargo bike Finland-based Ouca Bikes, which draws attention in its field, offers a useful solution with the option it has prepared. offers.

electric cargo bike one of the newest members of the market oca, stands before us as a much bigger and imposing option than many similar ones. The model, which is designed to carry loads both in front and behind, stands out especially with its large front section prepared in the form of a case. The model, which can be preferred with the front part covered or open if desired, facilitates boarding and landing thanks to the door placed in this section. This door exists because eight different children can be carried at the same time in the front. In this respect, it is also considered as a small public transportation vehicle in the focus of use in the city. cargo bike, It is installed on three tires for stable driving.

With built-in lighting systems oca, It is slowed down by disc brakes and as you can see in the video above, it is not easily affected by light terrain conditions or slopes. The model, which can easily carry a load of up to 213 kg, has different versions for different needs. For example, the version where children can be transported safely is called “Kiddiebus”. The version for transporting cargo and children has the name “Transport”. The 300-liter version that covers the front is called “Space”.


Detailed technical specifications and price information are not yet available for Ouca, which will please large families. The cargo bike, which is expected to use a powerful electric motor for its purpose and to be built on a large battery pack that will bring high range due to its space, will not be a cheap means of transportation when these are taken into account.

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