EU: No ban on A tractors

EU No ban on A tractors

Published: Less than 10 min ago

full screen It is not a ban on A tractors that is being discussed, according to the EU. Archive image. Photo: Anders Bjurö/TT

There are no plans to ban A tractors in the EU, the European Commission states for P4 Skaraborg.

– It is not a ban that is being discussed, but possibly possible changes to the driver’s license rules, says Adalbert Jahnz, who is spokesperson for transport issues at the European Commission to the radio channel.

Last week, Tekniken’s world reported that the EU is discussing a ban on A-tractors from the turn of the year. But it is not a ban that is relevant, says the commission’s spokesperson, but a change in the driver’s license rules.

Whether this means in practice that people under the age of 18 will not be allowed to drive them, which can be seen as an end to the phenomenon of the A-tractor as a slow passenger car, is not clear.

The EU Commission has demanded answers from the Swedish government about the A-tractors, and the spokesperson tells P4 that the EU and Sweden should be able to reason their way through to a change.

The near-explosive increase in A-tractors in recent years began with a rule change in 2020 that allowed automatic transmission cars to be converted to A-tractors. Today there are approximately 50,000 scattered across the country.

The tractors were originally intended to be used as work vehicles, but are often used as passenger cars, albeit at a greatly reduced speed.