EU, NextGenerationEU Green Bond investments reduce greenhouse gas emissions

EU auctions 1582 million emission quotas at 8552 eurot

(Finance) – The full implementation of NextGenerationEU measures (NGEU) financed by NGEU Green Bonds can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 44 million tons per year, equivalent to 1.2% of the EU’s aggregate greenhouse gas emissions. These are the results of the first overall quantification of the climate impacts expected from the allocation of NextGenerationEU Green Bonds, according to a report released today by the EU Commission.

More than two years after the inaugural issuance of the NGEU Green Bonds, the Green Bond program has placed on the market almost 50 billion euros of highly rated Green Bonds, with the potential to become the largest green bond program in the world.

The NGEU Green Bond Allocation and Impact Report shows that NGEU Green Bonds are supported by a significant set of climate-related projects and investments in the National Recovery and Resilience Plans (PNRR), from clean transport to infrastructure and energy efficiency, eligible for green bond financing for a total volume of 190 billion euros.

“The NGEU Green Bond Allocation and Impact Report demonstrates the European Union’s continued commitment to sustainable finance and the transition to a greener future,” he commented. Johannes HahnCommissioner of Budget and Administration – The report also provides investors with the higher return on their investment in Green Bond NGEU: the impact of their investments on reducing CO2 emissions, their contribution to a greener future for us and for the next generations”.

(Photo: Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash)