EU launches investigation into “TikTok Lite”

TikTok managed to break new ground by spending 10 billion

The European Union has launched an investigation into “TikTok Lite” activated in two different European countries. announced.

This month France And Spainmade available in TikTok Lite, It’s a new app aimed at users 18 and over and has a monetization focus. According to the statement, the reward program at the center of this new application allows users to participate in activities such as watching videos or following content creators. It allows them to earn points while performing certain tasks. These points can then be exchanged for rewards such as gift cards or Amazon coupons In other words, people are asked to stay or spend more time in the application with the rewards given. The European Union does this “addictive” and considers it to be against the rules of the Digital Services Act (DSA). The European Union also states that Lite puts children at risk because TikTok does not have effective age verification mechanisms, and after this investigation, Lite may be banned or face a serious fine.


Before this, the USA took another step towards banning TikTok. US Congress, for those who missed it Passed bill to ban ByteDance if platform refuses to divest did. In recent months, a general TikTok The bill that could impose the ban has come to the table, and now it has moved to the next level with the approval given by the US parliament. With this last step, the platform is not blocked immediately, but instead China-related parent company ByteDance is being given time to sell TikTok.

If no sales steps are taken within this period, the platform will be permanently banned in the USA. He had previously announced that he would use all possible legal rights against this situation.. Elon Musk, who recently shared a post on this subject, said on his X account, which has reached 181 million followers, “Even if it would benefit X, I think the USA should not ban the TikTok platform. This is a violation of the freedom of expression that America has always defended.he said.