Étienne Davodeau, the Earth on the move

Etienne Davodeau the Earth on the move

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The designer Étienne Davodeau delivers a travelogue with “Le droit du sol”. The author has traveled 800 kilometers in order to question our relationship to the world and to question what man buries in the ground. The process of reflection on our future and that of the planet.

On the upper part of the blanket, a hiker, walking shoes, backpack, sunglasses and head scarf. Behind him, a beautiful hilly landscape in a sepia tone. At its feet, a black basement dotted with this symbol we all know as the one that signals nuclear danger.

Between the two, the title of the album, which links these two worlds, the subtitle “Journal d’un vertige”, and the name of the author: Etienne Davodeau, author known – among others – for his reportage comics, ecological fiber, humanist activism, and qualities of camaraderie and pedagogy.

This time, he takes us on a walk of 800 km between a rock painting and a future landfill site for nuclear waste, in contact with the beauty of nature and questions about its future.

“Le droit du sol”, by Étienne Davodeau, is available from Futuropolis editions.

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