Ethiopia could be the first country to completely ban internal combustion vehicles

Ethiopia could be the first country to completely ban internal

from major east African countries Ethiopia It is preparing to become the first country to ban internal combustion cars.

According to new news from African countries Ethiopia taking a big step It is set to become the first country to ban the import of new vehicles with internal combustion engines. As far as it is reported, the country, which has difficulties in importing gasoline and diesel due to economic problems, spent approximately 6 billion dollars on fossil fuel imports last year and in order to eliminate this burden, It is considering allowing only electric vehicles to enter the country. All the details about the process are not yet clear, but new vehicles are expected to be only electric and this raises many questions. The country is thought to lack a charging network that can accommodate large numbers of electric vehicles. Ethiopia is not expected to have any major problems in providing energy to electric vehicles in the first stage. Because Africa’s largest hydroelectric power plant will soon be opened in the country. It is stated.


Other steps are being taken to ban vehicles with internal combustion engines, but no one is planning the process for the near term. For example European Union within their country “new” The sale of diesel and gasoline cars will only be blocked in 2035. The decision taken for 2035 is good, but many people still think that the date should be moved earlier (Polestar and Rivian on this issue issued a joint statement). Because now Electric version of almost every vehicle can be found, Electric versions of even some very specific construction machines are commercially available. In this period when global warming has seriously shown its impact, waiting until 2035 is not considered reasonable by most people. With its long-term decision, the EU wants to prevent automobile companies from making losses, but some sacrifices must be made in the process.