Estonians go to the polls on Sunday to renew their parliament

Estonians go to the polls on Sunday to renew their

The parties in the running are more or less aligned on the themes of security and defence, central during the campaign. Less discussed are economic and social issues.

The legislative elections are on Sunday (March 5, 2023), in Estonia. During the campaign, the debates focused on the themes of security and defence, and little on economic and social issues. However, in recent times, the Estonians have seen their situation deteriorate… In Tallinn, the report by our correspondent, Marielle Vitureau.

The Remmo clan: in Berlin, heists worthy of Hollywood films

In Germany, here is a name that has become synonymous with organized crime and spectacular robberies… The Remmo: a family of Lebanese origin, who arrived in the 1980s and settled in the Neukölln district of Berlin. The clan makes the headlines relentlessly, with heists worthy of the greatest Hollywood films, Delphine Nerbollier.

Gang violence in Spain and Sweden

Gangs are particularly worrying in the capital spanish. Last year (2022), 5 young people died during clashes between gangs. Madrid has implemented a special plan in several neighborhoods and suburban towns. The explanations of Diane Cambon.

Gang violence is reaching unprecedented levels, Sweden : 19 shootings have taken place since Christmas alone in the suburbs of Stockholm. Last year, a sad record, 388 shootings and 61 deaths. At first, there was the drug trade, but now it is revenge that fuels this macabre cycle. And it’s the rappers who tell it… Gangster rap has become a reflection of the dark side of Swedish society. Carlotta Morteo spoke with one of the finest connoisseurs of this musical scene, journalist Emil Arvidsson.

The musical chronicle of Vincent Théval: Rebecka Törnqvist – My Neighbor

Swedish singer Rebecka Törnqvist’s new album is out today in France…