Esprinet, binding agreement to take over 100% of Bludis

Esprinet 2021 profit rises to 44 million Dividend of E

(Finance) – Esprineta leading group in Southern Europe in consulting, in the sale and rental of technological products and in IT security, has today signed a binding agreement for the purchase of 100% of the capital of Bludis which will be finalized tomorrow.

Bludis is the vehicle under Italian law in which in July 2022 the company SPIN conferred the business branch active in the distribution of software solutions in the areas of Communication, Cybersecurity, IT Management, which works mainly with innovative and emerging Vendors. In the financial year 2021, this company branch generated a turnover of 12.9 million euros with a
EBITDA of 2.2 million euros.

The acquisition of the share capital of Bludis is estimated to be worth € 8.7 million, paid in cash for 7.0 million euros and based on a provisional balance sheet with a neutral NFP. The final price will be determined on the basis of adjustment mechanisms linked to the calculation of the effective shareholders’ equity at the date of the transaction and the credit position.
The balance will be paid within 180 days from the date of the transaction.

The operation – explains a note from the company – must be part of a broader business strategy in line with the 2022-2024 industrial plan which envisages the focus on increasing profitability also through the growth of value-added distribution in the Solutions segment.

By presiding over high-value market niches, Bludis will act as an incubator of new and emerging software Vendors and will affect their growth potential, leveraging the vertical skills of its 39 collaborators as well as accessing all the assets that Esprinet will be able to make available. Bludis, within the Esprinet Group, will be maintained as a separate legal entity.

In order to ensure operational continuity, the headquarters will be maintained in Rome and the governance envisages that in the Board of Directors of the acquired company, Dr. Giuseppe Di Girolamo, current Chief Executive Officer, remains in office with the same role and with commercial responsibility.