ESI, Value of Production 2022 jumps to 30.5 million euros

ESI Value of Production 2022 jumps to 305 million euros

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – WELL YESa company listed on Euronext Growth Milan and active in the renewable energy market, closed on 2022 with a Production value equal to 30.5 million euros, up by 459% compared to the 5.46 million in the year ended 31 December 2021. The result was achieved thanks to the new orders acquired in 2022 in Italy (EPC business unit ) and partly residual thanks to foreign orders (System Integrator business unit), especially in Mozambique. L’EBITDAof 1.22 million recorded a significant increase compared to the 0.08 million of the previous year (+1,465%), with a EBITDA Margin on the Value of Production of 4.01% (1.43% as at 31.12.2021).

The Net income for the period it was negative by 0.22 million (+0.11 million in 2021), and was affected by the write-down of the trade receivable from the former Spanish investee and the write-down of a financial receivable from the same. The Adjusted net resultequal to 0.53 million, recorded a significant increase compared to the 0.11 million of the previous year (+360%).

“The 2022 operating results are extremely satisfactory in terms of company growth as they express the company’s real capacity for development even in a market context characterized by strong geopolitical uncertainties, confirming our decisive change of pace and strengthening our confidence in the opportunities that will present themselves in the years to come”, commented theCEO Stefano Plocco.