Errors at Forex caused withdrawals to be made several times

Errors at Forex caused withdrawals to be made several times

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full screen Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

When Magnus Nyström, 48, withdrew money at Forex, it was withdrawn fourfold from the account.

He’s not alone – at least 3,000 transactions have gone awry.

– It was maximum accident, an unfortunate circumstance, bad luck, says Tom Friberg, communications manager at Forex.

These are between 3,000 and 5,000 transactions where people have withdrawn money from one of the Forex ATMs.

full screen For Magnus Nyström, 48, four times the amount was withdrawn from the account. Photo: Private

Magnus Nyström, 48, from Gävle had just arrived in Parga in Greece when he looked at the bank account. At Arlanda, he had withdrawn euros for SEK 2,400. But SEK 9,600 had disappeared from the account.

– For safety’s sake, we chose to change gears at home in Sweden and that’s how you get hit by this, says Magnus Nyström on the phone from a Greek tourist boat.

The problems at Forex arose on Friday and were only discovered on Monday. The reason was a technical glitch with the supplier that manages the transactions for Forex.

– It was maximum accident, an unfortunate circumstance, bad luck, that it happened on a Friday when the supplier in question was not working, they work during office hours. The error was discovered too late, says the company’s communications manager Tom Friberg.

Forex regrets what has happened.

– The problem is fixed now. The error will not occur again. If you go to an ATM now, it won’t happen, says Tom Friberg.

“Refund in progress”

In the 16-traveller-strong travel company that Magnus Nyström belongs to, several chose to withdraw money at Forex. Some have had their accounts overdrawn.

– We manage and can borrow from each other. But it is bad that the money cannot be paid back immediately without having to wait several banking days, says Magnus Nyström.

Forex is in the process of correcting what went wrong.

– Refunds to affected accounts are ongoing. All repayments will be completed by Thursday at the latest, says Tom Friberg.

Will affected customers be compensated?

– We are in the process of deciding on that. If a person has found himself in a difficult situation, we have to assess it. In our own case, we are handling the matter further with this supplier.