Erling Haaland had a hard time in front of the media – the superstar gave a quick response to questions about Manchester City’s owners: “You make pretty strong accusations”

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Erling Haaland was tormented by journalists when the Norwegian star was asked about his opinions on the human rights violations of the Arab owners of his club team Manchester City.

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Norwegian soccer star Erling Haaland had to answer some tough questions when he stepped in front of the media at his national team’s press conference ahead of the upcoming Nations League matches.

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK asked Haaland tough questions (you switch to another service) his representation of the Arab owners of Manchester City, who are accused of massive human rights abuses.

Manchester City is owned by a sheik Mansoor. He is the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. The country has become known for blatant human rights violations.

Haaland was asked what he thinks of Manchester City’s owners.

– First of all, I have never met the owners of Manchester City. So I don’t know them. You make some pretty strong accusations. I can’t really say anything about that, Haaland acknowledged.

The charade continued when Haaland was asked what he thought of City’s owners trying to polish their tarnished reputation through sports. How did such factors affect Haaland’s choice of club?

– I have been a fan of Manchester City all my life. My father has played there. I have already scored 14 goals, so my season has started well. I think about sports things. I have chosen the club from a sporting point of view, Haaland said.

Haaland, 22, insisted his path led to City so he could develop as a player.

– I wanted to Manchester City so that I could develop into an even better player. I have chosen my previous clubs with the same principles, Haaland explained.

Haaland has had a sensational early season in City’s shirt. The Norwegian has scored no fewer than 11 goals in the Premier League. Now Haaland is preparing for the Norwegian national team’s Nations League matches against Slovenia and Serbia.

Finland will face Romania in the Nations League on Friday, September 23. and Montenegro on Monday 26.9. will show both matches live.

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