Erik Karlsson’s insane pass in the new smash hit last night – makes the entire hockey world drop its jaw

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Erik Karlsson and his San Jose Sharks fell heavily in tonight’s NHL meeting with the Detroit Red Wings.
However, the Swede can hold his head high despite the result.
Karlsson accounted for a goal and three assists – of which the first assist was something really special.

The San Jose Sharks have had a rough start to the NHL season. The team is in the bottom tier of the table and during the night of Friday there was another defeat when the Detroit Red Wings beat back the Sharks with 7-4.

Karlsson’s success

But despite the loss, there were several joys to take away for Sweden.

The baking giant Erik Karlsson was involved in all four goals that the Sharks managed to score – he also accounted for one of them himself when he deliciously spun an opposing defender and pulled off a quick wrist shot.

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Erik Karlsson’s matchless pass for the San Jose Sharks last night. PHOTO: Twitter

The goal was the home team’s fourth and last of the match, but before that the Swedish defender had already managed to make three assists.

Second in the points league

The pass leading up to the Sharks’ lead goal was also a real delicacy. Karlsson picked up the puck with his glove, and then played it between the legs of himself until Kevin Labanc who could hit the puck there.

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The night’s four points mean that Erik Karlsson is now up to 28 points in total – and with that he currently places himself in an impressive second place in the NHL’s total points. In front of him, he has “only” the Edmonton Oilers superstar Connor McDavid which stands at 32 recorded points.

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Erik Karlsson had a big show for the San Jose Sharks last night. PHOTO: Twitter

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