Erik Karlsson’s great success after the different New Year’s celebration – points for the 13th(!) game in a row: “Best ever”

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

Erik Karlsson’s matchless season just goes on and on.
Yesterday was not a completely unexpected new success for the Swede who, with his two assists, was part of the San Jose Sharks turning around and winning.
It was the 13th game in a row that Karlssons scored, which is a new club record.

Erik Karlsson started 2023 exactly the same way he ended 2022. By scoring. During the night’s meeting with the Chicago Blackhawks, the Swedish defender accounted for two new assists, which means that he now stands at 40 assists this season and which takes him to the top of the assist league.

Karlsson historical

All this in 39 games. There he shares the lead with the big stars Connor McDavid and Nikita Kucherov. The two assist points of the night not only meant that Erik Karlssons tops the assist league, but also that he has now contributed points in 13 straight games. A number that is a new club record for the San Jose Sharks.

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In total, it has been an unparalleled 53 points so far this season for Erik Karlsson, who still clings to the top of the entire league’s scoring. And the question is how long the scoring streak will last.

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“The absolute best”

The match against the Chicago Blackhawks ended 5-2 in favor of the “Sharks”. Before that, they met the Dallas Stars, which meant that the team had to celebrate the New Year on the plane between Dallas and Chicago. But the missing New Year’s celebration is probably something that Erik Karlsson can live with, and the Swede is now widely praised after the club record and the milestone of 40 assists.

“It’s the best season ever,” writes one user on Twitter.

“This is why he is the absolute best,” writes another.

“EK65 cannot be stopped”, the San Jose Sharks also write on their social channels.

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