Eric Bouvron and Lawrence of Arabia, the valiant choir theater

Eric Bouvron and Lawrence of Arabia the valiant choir theater

On the stage of the Théâtre le 13ème Art, Eric Bouvron portrays with poetry and ingenuity the life of Thomas Edward Lawrence, better known as “Lawrence of Arabia”. A theatrical epic filled with energy.

When you leave the show, your eyes shine above the mask which has a hard time hiding the smiles. We almost have the impression that the five acts that have just taken place before our eyes have passed very quickly, a bit like a childhood dream.

An adventurous epic, based on a true story, a mixture of great history and personal destiny, geopolitics and choreography, tragedy and comedy, text and music, song and dance.

A rhythmic, choral and total show, which brings together 8 actors and 3 singer-songwriters in a very simple, almost minimalist setting, but with beauty, poetry and ingenuity.

Created last summer at the OFF festival in Avignon, the new show byEric Bouvron arrived in Paris. “Lawrence of Arabia” is to be discovered until February 27 at the Théâtre 13ème art.

Reporting : Amelie Beaucour went to see the play “La parenthèse de sang” in a staging by Thomas Nordlund, to be seen at the Théâtre des Déchargeurs, in Paris, until January 29.