Erfo Pharmaceutical Laboratory, revenues for the first 9 months at 4.69 million

Erfo Pharmaceutical Laboratory revenues for the first 9 months at

(Finance) – I revenues consolidated by the group Erfo Pharmaceutical Laboratory as of 30 September 2023 they amounted to approximately 4.69 million euros, up by 23% compared to 3.82 million euros as of 30 September 2022.

As of 30 September 2023, the adjusted EBITDA generated by the company is equal to approximately 1.30 million euros with an incidence equal to 28% of revenues.

There NFP adjusted is cash positive and equal to approximately 1.43 million euros, an improvement compared to 31 December 2022 and 31 March 2023 in which it was equal to approximately 1.00 and 0.98 million euros respectively, and substantially in line with the 1.53 million on June 30, 2023.

Alessandro Cutè, President and CEO of Erfo: “We are preparing to conclude a year of great changes, in which we are more aware of the path we have undertaken: coherent, solid and with high growth potential. In the last quarter we continued the process of integrating the Group companies, with positive impacts of industrial efficiency and know-how which allowed us to pool the professionalism of our entire ecosystem. Despite the seasonality of the third quarter that characterizes the nutrition and dietetics business, we are satisfied with the level of profitability and cash generation that the group has achieved, thanks also to the internationalization undertaken with Erfo France, with which our products have crossed national borders, arriving on the island of La Reunion, a French overseas department in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We have also completed the “FarmaWow” operation and are working to create a real portal dedicated to nutraceuticals, with which to reach new customers with the products of the Medical Division line, whose revenues have grown by 131% YoY. 2024 will see us increasingly involved in the development of the Diètnatural brand network abroad with the aim of launching new franchising centers that can encourage the development of the entire network in French-speaking territory”.