Epic Games Weekly Free Games Worth 426 TL

Epic Games Weekly Free Games Worth 426 TL

Epic Games this week EARTHLOCK and Surviving the Aftermath will be given free of charge to its members. It was announced that the two popular productions will be free as of tomorrow (Thursday, November 16) and can be added to players’ libraries without paying any fee for 1 week. Epic Games weekly free games have a total value of 426 TL with Steam price. Prices of games on other platforms may vary.

Epic Games Weekly Free Games EARTHLOCK and Surviving the Aftermath

Epic Games is giving the horror adventure game Golden Light free of charge to subscribers until Thursday, November 16th. After the free game, which has been free since Thursday evening last week, expires, next week’s free games will come into play. EARTHLOCK and Surviving the Aftermath Next week’s free productions, announced as “, are sold for 426 lira in total on Steam.

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The adventure, strategy, role-playing game developed by Snowcastle Games and published in 2018 is still popular despite the passing of 5 years. So far only Steam We can state that the production, which received nearly 500 reviews, achieved a “mostly positive” average in these reviews.

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The production is currently sold for 309 TL on Steam. Free for Epic Games subscribers The fact that it will be given has made the gamers very happy. We can say that the game is at a level that all PC players can play with its hardware requirements. Earthlock is an independently developed adventure RPG inspired by classic 3D RPGs of the late ’90s, with a new take on turn-based combat and character progression.

About Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath, developed by Iceflake Studios and published by Paradox Interactive, is among the games released in 2021. The production, which has reached tens of thousands of players so far, has received nearly 3 thousand reviews on Steam alone, and in these reviews, “mostly positiveWe can state that it achieved the average opinion.

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It is sold on Steam for 117 TL. Surviving the Aftermath, Epic Games It will be among the games that will be offered free to its members next week. What players generally like: The PC hardware requirements of the game, which is in the genres of strategy, simulation, survival and city building, are also at reasonable levels.

Both games will be free between Thursday, November 16th and Thursday, November 23rd. Thursday, November 23 As of the evening, the games will no longer be free and new productions will begin to be given free to subscribers.