Epic Games has drastically changed the shop in Fortnite and now players are angry despite great avatar skins

There was a change in Fortnite today that turns your locker and shop upside down. Many players are annoyed because of this.

What kind of change is this? Until recently, all skins in Fortnite were divided into four different rarity levels. The respective rarity level was indicated by the background color of the skin. That has now changed with the new update.

From now on there are no more rarity levels. This means that the background color of all skins is now a uniform blue and the names for the rarity levels have also been removed.

However, the different series such as the Icon series or the Gaming Legends series should still exist.

The account FNAssist on Xcom shows what the shop in Fortnite looks like now:

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In addition, the skins in the shop no longer change at a general time worldwide. Now there is an update timer based on the player’s time zone.

How were skins classified so far? There were four different rarity levels, varying in background color and price:

  • Unusual – they cost 800 V-Bucks, which is around 8 euros, and had a green background
  • Rare – they cost 1,200 V-Bucks, which is around 12 euros, and had a blue background
  • Epic – they cost 1,500 V-Bucks, which is around 15 euros, and had a purple background
  • Legendary – they cost 2,000 V-Bucks, which is around 20 euros, and had an orange background
  • On top of that, there are series skins, which included, for example, skins for film characters and whose background differed from the four usual rarity levels. There are series skins for “Star Wars” characters like Kylo Ren or superheroes like Spider-Man and The Flash, for example.

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    What do the players say about the change? A majority of players see the change as bad and are angry. Some players suspect that Epic Games will now constantly offer new skins at overpriced prices.

  • Its_Stug via X.com: “Dude, the rarity system is an integral part of Fortnite, there’s no way they can remove that.”
  • kiritophantomhive via Reddit: “So Fortnite and Epic lost their minds, they removed rarities to get away with inflated prices for lower tier cosmetics.”
  • Iron_Jake2 via X.com: “I feel like they did this so they could charge more for skins. The rarity system usually said a lot about the skin and its set.”
  • Other users also criticize on social networks that their locker has become even more confusing and that it now takes them even longer to find certain skins within their collection.

  • Dweller via X.com: “Now it will be harder to find my items in my locker. I used the rarity system to find what I needed. Plus, with this new system, it feels like they can now get away with a skin at any price since we don’t know what rarity they should get.”
  • In general, the update has caused great dissatisfaction – although some players were very excited about the new skins for “Avatar – The Last Airbender”, which let you play as Zuko, Katara or Toph.

    Here you can find the patch notes for today’s update 29.20