Enshrouded features the coolest builds made by players from the closed beta

Enshrouded not only keeps you updated with our YouTube Closed Beta Shorts, but more importantly, makes players want this game more and more.

What is Enshrouded? In short, it is a survival action role-playing game coming to Steam, with possible co-op mode of up to 16 players.

To survive in Enshrouded, you must craft, fight, explore, and solve puzzles. The mix of so many different mechanics, magic and quests is already getting players excited.

The game has already scored points in the past with its interesting locomotion options, such as a wingsuit or grappling hook, to get to any place in the game world.

YouTube shorts feature the best houses from the closed beta

We show you the first of the three shorts here:

Unlimited creativity awaits you in Enshrouded

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In their latest shorts (via YouTube), the developers now give you a little insight into the possibilities that Enshrouded has to offer when it comes to housing. All houses featured in it were built by players currently participating in the closed beta.

The buildings range from cozy half-timbered houses, with their own small farm, to a huge stone cathedral with large halls.

The playtesters don’t want to stop building their houses. In his commentary, user rhedwinex writes that he hasn’t even finished his dungeon and that the developers should let him back into the game.

Looking at the houses like this, nikostormz6030 rightly asks if anyone had any story progress in the beta at all or was it just building.

Reactions from other players in the comments show how excited they are about the possibilities Enshrouded will offer them and can’t wait to get started too:

  • lordaethelstan69 writes: “Please give us a release date for Early Access! I beg you!”
  • SinglyPringly opines, “These are some seriously good looking builds […] I can’t wait to build in the game””
  • And michaelkukula5926 wonders, “I wonder if Valheim is sweating now.”
  • What do you think of the possibilities Enshrouded offers you? We would be happy to hear your opinion.

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