Energy saving decision in France! Louvre Museum pyramid lights were also turned off early

Energy saving decision in France Louvre Museum pyramid lights were

In order to make the transition to energy saving effective in the country and to create widespread awareness on this issue, decisions were taken to turn off the lights of certain touristic and historical buildings before the normal time.


In this context, the pyramid in the garden of the world-famous Louvre Museum went dark 2 hours ago. The lights of the Louvre Museum pyramid, one of the symbols of Paris, are normally turned off at 01:00 local time every day.

On the other hand, the lighting of the Eiffel Tower will be dimmed every day, starting from September 23, with the decision of the Paris Municipality.

In addition, the lights of the historical Palace of Versailles that illuminate the front will be turned off 1 hour early from next week.

Speaking to France 2 television, French Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak stated that symbolic steps are important to increase citizens’ energy awareness and take action. (AA)