Energy, EU towards agreement on measures against price increases: the decisive meeting on 30 September

Energy EU towards agreement on measures against price increases the

(Finance) – The ambassadors of the Twenty-seven in Coreper (the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the Member States, the one preparing the ministerial meetings of the EU Council) discussed today in Brussels the proposal for a regulation presented by the Commission against the strong increases in prices ofpower. Diplomatic sources in Brussels report that some issues still remain open, but “the impression is that an agreement can be reached” for the approval of the regulation at the extraordinary Energy Council of the September 30th.

The proposed measures are basically three: one reduction mandatory of the request electric at peak times in all Member States, an ai revenues for companies that supply energy from sources renewable And nuclear on the electricity market, and a levy on extra profits of companies that supply electricity from fossil sources. In the latter two cases, the resources collected will be redistributed to the most vulnerable consumers (families and businesses), to compensate for the increases.

In the next few hours, the Czech Presidency of the EU Council is expected to present one version magazine of the proposal which takes into account the outcome of today’s debate in Coreper, and incorporates some points raised by the ambassadors. The new document will be discussed first in a specialized working group in the Council, and then by Coreper himself next week, on 28 September. On the same day, the Commission is expected to present a new communication on the issues of energy that should then also be discussed by the ministers at the Council of 30, the sources said again.

(Photo: Lukasz Kobus – © European Union)