Energy crisis: Europe forced to reinvent its sources of supply

Energy crisis Europe forced to reinvent its sources of supply

Europe is facing an unprecedented energy crisis with this double constraint for the countries of the Old Continent: limiting soaring prices and ensuring that there is enough gas and electricity for all households and companies. To solve this puzzle, calls for energy sobriety are increasing, as are state aid. In the United Kingdom, where the government is going to put its hand in its pocket until April 2023 to limit the surge in energy bills, but all that does not solve the structural problems: British homes are very poorly insulated with, in average, a loss of 3 degrees of heat. It is the worst European energy performance diagnosis. Marie Billon.

With the war in Ukraine, Europe is frantically looking for new partners, gas producers to avoid shortages and power cuts. A situation that Kosovo has been experiencing on a daily basis for a year already. In question, the obsolescence of coal-fired power stations and the obligation to import electricity at prices that have become exorbitant. Simon Rico.

Heating represents half of Europe’s energy demand, and 70% comes from fossil fuels. But, the capital of Finland is preparing to test a heating system thanks to the icy waters of the Baltic. A technology has already been tested and approved in Norway, Carlotta Morteo.

But some municipalities did not wait for the current energy crisis to hunt down energy waste and find local solutions for electricity production. Montdidier, for example, a small rural town of 6,350 inhabitants 100 km north of Paris started this project 20 years ago and intends to achieve energy self-sufficiency within 3 years! The report of Lise Verbeke who went there.

In the villages liberated by the Ukrainian army, in the region of Kherson, the inhabitants who had fled are beginning to return little by little. The commune of Vyssokopillia, 4,000 inhabitants before the war, no longer has a hospital or a doctor. During the Russian occupation, two nurses alone provided care to the inhabitants. Anastasia Becchio met one of them.