Energy check 2023: from 48 to 200 euros, for whom and when?

Energy check 2023 from 48 to 200 euros for whom

The payment of the energy check will take place in April and not in March, announced the Minister for Energy Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher. Beneficiaries, eligibility conditions, procedures… Here is everything you need to know about the 2023 energy check.

THE energy check is back and its payment date is finally confirmed! Invited on RMC this Monday, March 13, the Minister of Energy Transition Agnes Pannier-Runacher announced that the energy check will be paid, with a little delay, from April 21, 2023. This financial assistance makes it possible each year to help households pay for their energy costs. This boost should benefit approximately “5.8 million households”, said the minister. The amount of the energy check will be 48 to 200 euros. What are the eligibility conditions? How to request it?

What is the energy check for?

Since 2018, its year of creation, the energy check allows households to pay energy billsbut also the energy costs of certain homes and the energy work that households can carry out for their homes.

Who can benefit from the energy voucher?

The energy check was designed to help low-income households. The means test and the composition of the household are taken into account. The aid is therefore allocated with regard to the reference tax income (RFR) per consumption unit (CU).

What is the payment date for the 2023 energy check?

The date for payment of the energy check has been announced for April 21, 2023, a date that falls on a Friday.

What is the amount of the 2023 energy voucher?

THE amount of the 2023 energy check will be “48 to about 200 euros depending on your level of income“, detailed Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher. The threshold is 10,800 euros per CU, says the government website. As a reminder, in 2022, the scale of the energy check was as follows:

HouseholdRFR < €5,600 per CURFR from 5,600 euros to 6,700 euros per CURFR from 6,700 euros to 7,700 euros per CURFR from 7,700 euros to 10,800 euros per CU
1 CU*194 euros146 euros98 euros48 euros
2 CPUs240 euros176 euros113 euros63 euros
3 CUs and more277 euros202 euros126 euros76 euros

To benefit from the energy voucher, there is no procedure to take.It is automatic”underlined the Minister of Energy Transition. The French tax authorities are responsible for listing the beneficiaries who meet the eligibility conditions. After having been identified, the list is given to the Services and Payment Agency, which then gives the energy check to the persons concerned, by post.

A simulator lets you know whether or not you are entitled to the energy check. To do this, all you have to do is fill in some personal information and the simulator will check your eligibility for you and calculate the amount of aid you can receive. here is the online simulator link on the site

Energy check assistance form © Govt

What other aids are there for energy costs?

A series of aids for energy consumption have been devised by the government to help French people who cannot afford or who are struggling to pay their energy bills. Fuel energy check, wood energy check… Here is all the help you need to know:

What is the exceptional energy check?

At the end of 2022, in the face of inflation, the government set up a exceptional energy check, in addition to the classic energy check. The aim was to help the poorest 40% of French people. In total, nearly 12 million households have benefited from it. In addition, energy suppliers can accept this exceptional check for a payment “until March 31, 2024”And for a refund “until May 31, 2024”.